Copper Lightmandala INFO - FAQ - PRICES

Copper Lightmandala INFO - FAQ - PRICES

Here is an overview of the possible internal lighting configurations:

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 Aprox. Pricelist & Lighting FAQ

Lightmandala body parts:
- Circular Copper Disc perforated with handcrafted Mandala Design
  with a diameter from 25cm-99cm (0,6mm massive copper)

- 10 cm high perforated copper rim (0,6mm massive copper)

- MDF Woodplate with hanging mount (backside)

- Periphery: Outlets, Cable etc.


The total height of a Lightmandala is ranging from 5cm -15cm,

depending on the size and internal hardware.


A Lightmandala with inbuilt  Motor is about 13-15cm in height.

A Lightmandala weighs 2-15kg depending on size.



Inside the Copper Lightmandala:


- LED Filament Bulb/s 110/220V clear warmwhite 4-8Watt

- LED Stripe/s RGB/Digital/Soundreactive/RC (12V/5V)

- High End Electric Continous Display Motor slow running 1,2 RPM 

- Internal perforated light-sieve aluminum disc

- Periphery


Internal Motor:

The continuous display Motor is centered in the middle and has 1.2 revolutions per minute, rotating clockwise which is driving an internal perforated disc for the effect of an automated analog sparkling of the emitted light.

The E-Motor is very quiet and made for continous running.

Die-cast motor with slipping clutch Made in Germany.



LED Stripes:

-Simple RGB Multicolor LED & Remote Control

-Digital Running Light  LED & Remote Control

-Soundreactive LED & Remote Control

Two different independent LED Stripes are also possible upwards from the size of 60cm+



LED Filament Bulbs 4,5 Watts clear warmwhite:

Clear warmwhite LED Filament Bulbs have got a very analog character nearly identical to the common old non Led bulbs)

Bulbs are candle shaped for all models with more then one bulb.

For the one bulb centered lightmandala version, i use a sphere shaped bulb upright in the middle placed.

You can renew broken bulbs by yourself.

You can choose very simple lighting, starting from one LED bulb centered without Motor.

This one bulb configuration is good for creating a sharp wreath of light on the wall around the lightmandala, esp. effectiv for mini sized lightmandalas 25-40 cm


Choose also from 2- 6 bulbs, depending on the mandala size.

Minimum are 2 LED Bulbs when the lightmandala has a motor in the middle.

I can put 6 lamps inside the lightmandala upwards from the size of 55cm.


Choose a number of LED Bulbs (110V/220V)

according to the pattern and size of the mandala:


1 LEDbulb sphere shaped: centered  >Mandala Size: 25cm+

2 LEDbulbs candle shaped: left&right or up&down >Mandala Size: 30cm+

3 LEDbulbs candle shaped in triangle formation >Mandala Size: 40cm+

4 LEDbulbs candle shaped in square formation >Mandala Size: 40cm+

5 LEDbulbs in penta formation >Mandala Size: 50cm+

6 LEDbulbs in hexa formation >Mandala Size: 55cm+

7LED-xx LEDbulbs possible > Mandala Size: 60cm+


Contact me now to get a special offer for your dream lightmandala!

Individual configuration and pricing by arrangement.

Your own ideas, patterns and patterns are possible at no extra charge.